Up until a few years ago I had no idea what it meant to practice meditation. I was living the life of a renowned DJ, tv-host and business man in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Europe). I was an always-busy-kind-of-guy, and from the outside everything looked like the kind of life most of strive for. I became a millionaire and then lost it all. The darkness that followed brought light to a different voice inside. One that I wasn’t used to listening to. At least not anymore. Even after making my money back, it was this voice that set me off – in search of silence. In search of a different life. A life guided more closely by whatever or whoever that voice was. I experienced firsthand that the Universe is always conspiring with us. And met a lot of wonderful teachers in self-development, meditation and wisdom during that time. I began learning from them and then passing on what I was learning to teach others. This is how I became a Meditation teacher myself. 

“Sometimes you just have to take a break from your daily busy life”

“Every meditation is poetry for the soul”

“I realized that my voice could take people to a different place”

I began to understand that fulfillment, joy, love – all of these things we seek as human beings – don’t exist outside of ourselves but are fostered from within. It became my mission to help others take the journey I was on. I started offering master classes and seminars on mindset and how to live your best life. It was during this precious time that I met my partner in life and work, Cindy. One day, as I was teaching a master class in a monastery in Barcelona, I decided to offer the group a live meditation. The response was palpable. Everyone was deeply affected and commented on how this had offered insights they had never previously considered.

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My whole life I have worked with my voice. I always knew my voice was powerful. But it was only then, in that monastery in Barcelona, that I realized that my voice could take people to a different place inside of themselves. A place where deep transformation takes place. I started guiding meditations for entire rooms full of people, and watched as the magic unfolded. Still to this day, tens of thousands of people join in, live and online, when I offer a guided meditation.

“Tens of thousands of people join in, live and online, when I offer a guided meditation.”

The realization that we could positively transform the lives of listeners is what inspired Cindy and I to create Meditation Moments. We quickly surrounded ourselves with an amazing team of people, who all shared our mission and offered their wisdom and creativity to make this the Meditation Moments App an incredible succes. With self-composed music and meditational guidance we now have the honor of guiding 150,000 users on their daily journeys inwards. 

Every meditation is offered to you as a piece of poetry for the soul. A journey into a place of peace, clarity and self-reflection.

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